Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26th, 2009

It has only taken about 13 years!!!! YEAH I have a lovely new Mixer tap. We sprang another leak under the kitchen sink, but luckily we have insurance that covers things like that. So Brian called to find out if they did cover it and they did. They said a plumber would contact us soon, and in less than 10 minutes they called and set up an appointment for the plumber to come see us. So we hurriedly cleaned out the cupboard beneath the sink. And did a bit of tidying up so the plumber could have an easy time of it. He came out and fitted a new drain top and new plug for us in record time. :) And while he was here, Brian asked about a mixer tap, as I had been going on about getting one and possibly a new sink. The plumber told Brian if we got the tap he would fit it for us for a small fee. Wow! So very next day out we went to get my mixer tap. Looking at them at our local B&Q this was the last one they had that I liked, boy was that lucky!!!! Then off to the grocery store to pick up a few bits and pieces. While I was putting away the groceries, Brian called the plumber and said we had the tap. He said I will be around in the afternoon to install it. Ohhhhhhh wow! Panicsville again..... rushing around clearing not only the kitchen that is now full of groceries but also need to clean my ummmm tidy room as the water shut off is in the airing cupboard..... eeek!!! I kept out of the way once we were satisfied that it would do for the plumber to arrive. Quick sandwich for lunch and just did get the dishes washed up when the doorbell goes.... And with in an hour I had a new mixer tap installed. What a lovely Plumber we found!!!!! I kept out of the way and busy in the garden with some seedlings. We chatted about the garden and plants so I ended up giving our new found friend some tomato plants for doing such a lovely quick job for us. Yes, I know I lead such an exciting life!!!! But I just love my new Mixer tap, so much so I now have dishpan hands and must pick up some hand cream the next trip out.

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