Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18th, 2007

I've been Tagged!
Fiona over at The Cottage Smallholder has tagged me with The Fantastic Four Meme. I am just now learning about this blogging etiquette of tags and memes. All great fun!!! Fiona's blog is lovely and full of smallholding life, lovely recipes and lovely stories of her life with Mrs. Boss and the Keets! Oh and Danny. I love reading about what they get up to.

This Meme you have to tell about 5 areas of interests with 4 points to each. I think!

So here goes!

4 Places I have lived

1. Noblesville, Indiana is where I was born and where alot of my family lived or near there. So I am a Hoosier.

2. Indianapolis, the state capital of Indidana home of Indy 500 racing.

3. Columbus, Indiana where I lived on a small farm for a few years learning all about country life and how much I didn't know about raising cows or horses.

4. Chelmsford, Essex, UK Where I now live with my lovely husband and 2 cats. The home of Marconi Radios.

4 Jobs I have had (Not necessarily in correct order)

1. Mother of twin sons the most important job I have ever or will ever have.

2. Farm hand at a Race Horse stable. I learned quite alot about horses, the most important being that horses are big and can hurt you!!!

3. Salad girl in a restuarant. This was at a time before salad bars became popular. It could well be where some of my love of cooking came from.

4. Reprographics technician- Big title for someone who copies and prints stuff for a school.

4 places I have been on holiday

1. Florida, the only place other than the Smokey mountains that I went to on holiday in the US.

2. Scotland - Hubby and I did a honeymoon tour of Scotland the summer after I moved to the UK. Lovely country!! Can't wait to go back sometime.

3. Paris, France - I just love Paris!!! A foodies heaven. Love the markets, the restuarants, the wine, the buzz of the place. All the museums and gardens!!! Really do hope to go back again.

4. Austria in the summertime. Well what can I say. It is about the cleanest place and healthiest place to visit. The food is lovely and very filling. And you don't put weight on, because you are walking up and down moutains all the time. Love sitting on the terrace outside our hotel in Traunkirken overlooking the lake having a candlelite supper and then enjoying an espresso and a nuss snaps under the stars. (I call it heaven on earth it is that beautiful!!)

4 of my favourite foods A subject close to my heart or should I say stomach!!!

1. has to be chocolate. Not milk chocolate. That is for babies. :) But rich deep dark sensual chocolate that bites back with it's bitterness.

2. this has to be cheese! I used to like cheese before moving to the UK, but since moving here and visiting France I have since learned to love cheese and all kinds of cheeses. From Stilton to Cherve I love a good cheese!!!!

3. Not sure this is a food.... Wine!!! Another new taste sensation that I have learned to enjoy since moving to Britain. We had a wine tasting session while on holiday once in Austria and ever since I have learnt to appreciate a good wine. Not that we drink good wines all the time. Mostly Plonk, but I do appreciate good wine!!!

4 This has to be onions. I panic if I don't have onions in the house. I love them and could eat them anytime of the day. I love them raw, I love them fried, or stewed or sauteed. They just add their sweet flavour to things I like to cook.

4 places I would rather be right now.

1. Indiana, holding my new little grand daughter Dorothy Grace.

2. Sitting at a cafe in Paris enjoying a lovely French meal watching the world go by or cruising down the Seine enjoying a gorgeous meal on the Bateaux Mouche.

3. Sitting on the terrace in Traunkirken enjoying rich Austrian Eierswarrmel soup and the lovely breads they bake fresh daily soaking up the sunshine. Or a wurst with a glass of most at a mountain hut.

4. Next to my hubby watching a movie in the Luxury seats at the cinema with a meal out afterwards or curled up on the sofa watching the telly together.

Well I hope I did this okay. I know I sorta named more than one place I would like to be at this moment, but some of those just go together.

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Crafty Gardener said...

Thanks for thinking of me Pat. I'm new to tagging as well, so I'll have to check it out and see what to do.
Oh, you food looks so delicious. It makes my mouth water just reading about it. I've got to try that carrot recipe and that banana recipe too. Have a fun day.

Pat said...

Thanks Linda they are yummy!!! Looking forward to reading your Meme!

Cottage Smallholder said...

I really enjoyed your meme Pat. Straight from the heart.

I have the same onion thing too. Last week I discovered that we had run out - total panic!

How good to have twin sons and be a grandmother.

Pat said...

Thanks Fiona. Funny how we have certain ingredients we just can't do without.