Monday, June 11, 2007

June 11th 2007

Some lovely Cheese!!!

Ohhhh What lovely tomatoes!!

I just couldn't resist the
sunblushed ones and so glad
I bought them.

Always wanted to try ceps!!!
Aren't they gorgeous!!

More tomatoes!

Oh I wouldn't have a clue
what to do with that eel

This is hardly busy!
After it got really

Ohhhhhh this stall smelled lovely.

Ohhhh Chocolates!!!

And Breads!!!
Banana Bread Tips:
Always sieve your Bicarbonate/baking soda.
Nothing worse than biting into a lump of soda... Ick
Add your chopped nuts with your flour, as the flour helps to hold them in the batter.
And sprinkle the top of your bread with some cinnamon sugar right before baking. Just add some cinnamon to granulated sugar. Gives your loaf an added flavour.
I spent the weekend doing foodie type of things. Hubby treated me to a trip to Borough Market in London on Saturday. Ohhhhh what a lovely exciting place that was. It is probably a real good thing that I don't visit there very often. I think we would be living in the poor house and there would be no money at all left for a new cooker. We are going to have a go at looking tomorrow in town for one. Thanks to Little Foodie I have found one on the internet that I am really interested in and have emailed them for more information. But going to look locally first to see what is out there. I really must stop impulse buying. But speaking of which....
I couldn't resist the lovely tomatoes and the big tub of sunblushed tomatoes in oil that I got at the market. Ohhhhhhh are they ever so lovely tasting....And they made a lovely loaf of bread.

We also bought a bag of Spelt flour and I added about 100 grams to the Tomato bread recipe. It was very nice. Going to be trying WU's Blueberry muffin recipe with some more of the flour. The next time we visit the market I think I would like to go either on a Thursday or a Friday to hopefully not be fighting the crowd. Brian kept saying "Look at all the people!" He couldn't get over how many were there. It was a real experience. I do wish in one respect we did live a bit closer as it is rather a long way and too much time to be carting around meat, fish and dairy all around London and then another hour before we make it home. Planning on doing a mushrooms on toast with the ceps that I bought tonight for supper and using some of the tomato bread toasted. I also made some lasagne yesterday for lunch and threw in a handfull of the tomatoes chopped up.

They definately were worth the £19 I spent. I did go in serch of some Eddoes, but didn't find any there. I think possibly I might have to visit an asian or ethnic market for those. But I am definately keeping my eyes open for them. Thanks GBVC for giving me something to look for while out food shopping. It is like going on a treasure hunt.
Well, Brian isn't much for walking around and eating so we had a proper sit down lunch at FISH. It was the absolute best Fish and Chips I have had to date since moving here. Oh and Mushy peas too!! Love those. And then we topped it off with fresh strawberries and Vanilla ice cream!

Here is Brian deciding which to try first the lovely mushy peas, the fresh chips or the buttery cod. All were soon gone and both of us had very clean plates.

Another lovely feature to eating your meal at FISH was being able to sit and do a bit of people watching in between courses.

Along with the tomatoes, ceps and spelt flour, I bought some asparagus, some whole spelt grains and some cheese. Brian got a jar of thick cut marmalade. We also had lovely smoothies mine was a blueberry and Brian had a Hawaiian one, both were really yummy and thirst quenching. It was rather hot walking around and our bags were starting to get heavier and heavier. The Spelt grains I am told you can cook like rice and make a rissoto with it. Going to be giving that a try soon.
We did take a nice walk along the Thames and stopped into one of our favourite pubs the Founders Arms.... It is a lovely place to sit and have a glass of wine and take in the scenery of the London skyline.
I can definately recommend visiting the Market and that area of London at least once. I just can't get over that it has taken me 10 years to find it. I do wonder what other areas of London are lurking out there waiting to be explored and tasted.
Oh and an added bonus when we got back home on Saturday my copy of the Wagamama Cookbook I bought on Ebay was waiting for me on the doorstep!


Anonymous said...

oh yum...making my mouth water...loving the tomatoes & that lasagne looks divine.

Pat said...

Thanks Nettie, It is!!! going to have the rest of it for lunch today. YUM!!!

wellunderstood said...

this is a great entry! beautiful pictures!

Pat said...

Thanks WU!!! I tried your Muffin recipe out and they were Yummy!!! Will post my alterations and pics this weekend.