Thursday, June 21, 2007

21st June 2007

The new Cooker/Stove has arrived!!!!!

It is here and it is working!!! And it is sooooooo cool!!!! I really do love it. And so far have only used it twice. I do find myself just going down to the kitchen and sitting looking at it. Occasionally walking past it and wiping it with a cloth. Sad isn't it. It is my very very first brand spanking new stove ever. And not only that it is a gas hob!! I have only ever had electric before. So a huge huge change for me. One thing I have found out already I must not lean on the knobs. I did that a few times yesterday evening and I keep hearing the click click of the auto ignition. All will take some getting used to I am sure.

Last night for supper I fixed a stirfry!!! Got the ole wok down from storage and put on a pot of basmati rice.... and after I had all the ingredients ready. Whoosh Stirfry veggies and prawns in less than 10 minutes!!!!!!!!! Amazing or what??? It would have taken me ages on the old stove and even then it wouldn't have been a stir fry!!! More of a steamy boiled attempt at a stir fry.


I Love this cooker!!!!!

Now today I got up this morning and I begged Brian to let me cook him a breakfast. But he had his usual..... Muesli and yoghurt..... So no cooked breakfast today.... Even offered to grill him some toast, but still he didn't want any. :(

But I did bake a cake today.... I wanted to test out the oven.... This is going to take some getting used to. It is nothing like any oven I have ever had in the past. Not only is it a fan oven, but it has a setting for a conventional oven and then there is a setting for roast meat, fish, poultry, cakes, bread and rising!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! And apparently the grill on this baby is super powered!!!

I do love this cooker!!!!

Anyway, after reading Ivonne's Cream Puffs In Venice blog and having some really lovely lavendar blooming out in the front garden, I decided to make a Lemon Pound cake (I think over here it is called a Maderia cake) with Lavendar flowers....

So I washed off some sprigs of lavendar and sat down and proceeded to pull off the flower buds until I had about 2 tablespoons. Then I followed an old fav American recipe from one of my many cookbooks and added the flower buds with the rest of the ingredients.

This is pre baking stage! It took an hour and a half in the oven!!! I didn't use the cake setting as it is for sponges and this I know isn't a sponge cake. It is a very rich dense cake. And I can't wait to try it.... Will post more later after we have cut into it.... I will let you all know the verdict... Off to play (ummmmmm I mean cook) with my new cooker as it is supper time.....


wellunderstood said...

what a gorgeous stove! i'm so jealous!

Pat said...

Thanks WU!!!! I do love it!!! Used the grill last night for the first time and it is super!!!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Pat, You are having fun aren't you?! Some people would be like - yeah it's a new cooker, so? Your reaction is just how it should be. I love it! I still smile at my new cooker - 18 months on.. That cake looks lovely. When you say it tastes different to Madeira, in what way?

Pat said...

Hi Amanda, Yup I just love my new cooker!!! And it is still bright and shiny!! The cake is very very lemony. My friend at work said it does taste different but the texture is the same. I didn't use any Madeira in mine so maybe that is the flavour that is different. I think there is also a recipe someplace here for a chocolate and vanilla marble pound cake. I will keep an eye open for that one and post it when I find it.